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Vital answers for higher education.

How are you measuring the performance of your department and school?  Can you measure the performance?  Or, are you, like many institutions, prevented from having the critical answers you need because data is spread to the four winds.  Is something as simple as an accurate fund balance unavailable?

Technology alone cannot solve these problems.  It takes a proven process and an intimate understanding of the complex business of higher education.  This knowledge and process, coupled with our award-winning technology platform, is the DataScholar Performance Suiteā„¢.

The DataScholar Performance Suite provides your organization a turn-key analytics and dashboarding platform designed specifically for the unique challenges of higher education.  The suite can cover the full spectrum of recruitment, admissions, education and administration activities.  Or, the solution can be targeted specifically to serve one or more of these missions.

At eThority, we have been solving these challenges at colleges and universities for almost 20 years.  But don't take our word for it; see what our customers are saying:


The DataScholar Performance Suite consolidates data from the disparate student information, learning management, financial, and administrative systems into one unified platform.  Creating and distributing metrics across your institution is finally a reality. By offering transparency and access to this information, deans, chairs and administrators can improve accountability, increase retention, reduce waste and reward performance.

Stop holding your breath for answers.  Let the DataScholar Performance Suite give you the answers you need.


Clear, Concise Dashboards

Publish information-rich dashboards to faculty, staff and administrators to improve performance and alert critical members to the changes occurring daily in your institution. Author, publish and share from our "user-obvious" interface.

"User-Obvious" Analytics and Reporting

Get the answer to your next question about your data, without having to pick up the phone and call for help. The eThority "user-obvious" interface means you can freely interact with your information. Business users will love their new found reporting prowess and I.T. will love the fact that they can focus on advanced tasks and be relieved of the constant stream of report-change requests.


Commitment Management

One of the critical elements to successfully solving the higher education financial puzzle is "off-ledger" transactions.  Transactions like multi-year commitments, and off-campus contracts can wreak havoc on traditional reporting system accuracy.  Our Commitment Management module ensures these are accounted for and communicated so you finally have an accurate picture of where you are going.


Financial Centers

A comprehensive view of your funds is only a mouse click away.  Complete drilldown functionality into income and balance sheet activity is available.  And, our Commitment Management transactions are integrated so you can finally get the elusive "accurate available balance".


Automated Distribution

Share knowledge...automatically.  HEPS delivers a complete automation engine for the distribution of your vital answers.  Schedule secure transmission of information to individuals, groups and locations.  Automated distribution can save you hundreds of hours in a year.


World-class Enterprise Security

It isn't enough to just be "easy" for everyone. Information must be distributed in a secure and compliant manner. eThority offers unprecedented flexibility and depth with its Enterprise Security Engine.  Single Sign On, LDAP integration, row and column level locking are only part of the security picture.


Make changes, without penalties

We know each institution is unique.  In the past, you were punished for making changes after you rolled out your solution.  No more.  With eThority's patent-pending, cascading architecture, you can continually update, add, and improve your solution without the penalties that other platforms impose.  This is the gift that keeps on giving.  As your needs change, eThority permits the pursuit of perfection.

Take the next step and learn how you can breathe new life into your institution with the DataScholar Performance Suite.
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