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Fully-featured, fully automated, full-service analytics

Learn why eThority's award-winning technology provides organizations with the critical answers to optimize their business. eThority Gold customers have access to all of their data, regardless of system or location. Gold users can also take advantage of the family of eXtensions and Performance Suites offered by eThority to solve tough industry problems. Take a few moments to see why you should go Gold!

Connect and Collect your Data

Connect to an unlimited number of data sources from enterprise data systems to desktop data applications and cloud sources. And, once the data connections are configured, the automation engine makes sure the data is connected, collected and directed - automatically.

"User-Obvious" Analytics and Reporting

Get the answer to your next question, without having to pick up the phone and call for help. The eThority "user- obvious" interface means you can freely interact with your information. Business users will love their new found reporting prowess and I.T. will love the fact that they can focus on advanced tasks and be relieved of the constant stream of report-change requests.

eValuate, Trend and Benchmark

It's hard to hit a target when you aren't aiming at anything.  eThority delivers a robust benchmarking platform so you can create and publish performance benchmarks around every area of your enterprise.  And, eThority lets you communicate those benchmarks to the players responsible for the goal.


World-class Enterprise Security

It isn't enough to just be "easy" for everyone. Information must be distributed in a secure and compliant manner. eThority offers unprecedented flexibility and depth with its Enterprise Security Engine. eThority provides more security options than nearly any platform on the market. Single Sign On, LDAP integration, row and column level locking are only part of the security picture.


Automated Distribution

Share knowledge...automatically. eThority Gold delivers a complete automation engine for the distribution of your analytic outputs. Schedule secure transmission of information to individuals, groups and locations. Automated distribution can save you hundreds of hours in a year.


Advanced Drilldown

eThority Gold's advanced drilldown functionality means you can assemble new data sets on-the-fly from existing data visualizations like electric Graph, eValuate, SuperPivot and more. And, the multi-select drilldown feature allows you to select exactly what you want.


Extensibility - The missing piece!

Missing data elements have long been the bane of analytics and BI platforms. Problem solved! eThority's transaction tags allow you to create NEW, untracked data elements. And, users can populate values for the new data elements directly within eThority. Of course, this functionality is securable and available for analysis immediately. Only from eThority!


Gold Support

Receive world-class service for your platform with Gold Support. Our dedicated team of support personnel is available to assist your team during all phases of your experience. We utilize the latest support technologies to ensure we minimize the time between your question and the answer. See why eThority enjoys one of the highest customer satisfaction levels in the industry.

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